How Smarter Forecast is bringing a new dimension to the retail market and organisation

By Advanced Analytics Team | November 25, 2021

Retail customers expect an engaging personal experience when shopping online or in a store. Retail businesses can do a better job of providing that experience by using data analytics […]

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Behind the Scenes of LAB288 – How We’re Transforming Our Customer Experience with Disruptive Technology

By Disruptive Technology Team | October 18, 2021

As one of Australia’s most trusted retailers, Coles is focused on inspiring customers and making their lives easier. Building trust with customers is at the heart of our success […]

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More than Just Data: How Advanced Analytics is improving the Customer Experience at Coles

By Michelle Lugton | July 2, 2021

You walk in, you grab your bread and milk, you walk out. A trip to the supermarket is such a routine thing that most people are blinded to the […]

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Re-imagining the way Australians shop: How Coles Is Leading Retail Into The Future

By Andrew Nolan | April 28, 2021

Coles is a customer-focused business. Yes, the nature of all business is (presumably!) to aim for satisfied customers, but for us, there’s a lot more to our efforts than […]

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Welcome to

By Ben Youl | March 16, 2021

Hello and welcome to, a Coles technology blog – a place for conversation about research & development, engineering excellence, and passion for complex problem solving. LAB288 is our purpose-built research […]

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