Rethink Retail.

Four people from LAB 288 collaborating in a meeting

Our Team

Working together to build the future

As Coles continues with its digital transformation, LAB288 is a disruptive technology lab with a startup culture, exploring data and technology-led solutions where everyone works together in collaborative and agile way.
We value diversity in all its forms and the different perspectives and experiences that it brings with it. As engineers and technologists, we are excited by difficult problems and deploying novel solutions that make a positive impact at scale.

Our purpose

Engineer and inspire the future of retail

The purpose of LAB288 is to support Coles as we become a digital retailer. Every modern organisation needs the ability to have a research and development function that can really understand the high value opportunities of what technology can bring to the table to support solving those problems.

Our Method

Illuminate. Create. Propagate.

We determine high-value opportunities to apply disruptive technologies.

We turn these into tailored solutions through partnerships and in-house engineering.

We work collaboratively to propagate the impact by scaling these solutions across Coles.